Night Area Showroom

Sangaicomo high quality of their bedroom furniture makes Sangiacomo Products very interesting. 150 programs allowing Vivo Casa create amazing bedroom concepts for their client(s). Furniture with great ideas and solutions for simplicity and impact the living and night area with a huge selection of materials, sizes, Continuous research and development are the fundamental duty of a company that wants to keep consistent high satisfaction of its customers. Sangaicomo has 200 employees, and over 1500 employees for a total area of 45,000 square meters dedicated to the production. Sangaicomo has technology that provides customisation and quality control for every single customer.

Bonaldo bedroom furniture is customisable and modern restyling of the classic fabric beds. An essential element of the bed is the significantly sized headboard. Product is enhanced by the surrounding environment, the atmosphere and style of the model

Cinova have long history in producing upholstered beds, their wealth of knowledge and experience which represents nowadays the starting point of its new beds collection.
their aim is to understand the bedroom in the whole respect of relax, equilibrium, harmony, beauty and soft texture in addition to an unique concept in order to transform the bedroom in an oasis of wellness. Cinova take care about the quality beyond the appearance to satisfy customers, providing strictly made in Italy products. Cinova pays attention to every productive step, producing everything in its own factory. From the manufacture of the structure, until the preparation of the foams, cut and sawn of the covers, confection of the pieces until an intense final phase of quality control.