Kitchens Showroom

Elmar creates its kitchen after having carefully examined the deeply- rooted dynamics behind the needs of each individual. Products those are able to establish a clear and direct relationship with its knowledgeable consumer. In other words with an individual having his or her own personal tastes and lifestyle. Design, flexibility, quality, detail, innovation and accessibility all represent. Just as many expressed values as well as the tangible contents of a dialogue that the company has always managed to establish with its customers (designers). Making an intelligent product that provides comfort for the user at the right price. Quality isn’t an abstract concept or a marketing slogan for Elmar; it’s a solid practice cultivated in the course of time and systematised in experience. It’s then transferred into real production processes by its Team and used to select the characteristics of the materials employed to construct its kitchens.

The aim is to persistently create high-quality products to satisfy any type of customer request – even for durability. Therefore, quality for Elmar is a deeply-rooted tradition that has become part of its DNA. Elmar have quality and experience adapted into their products.   

Meson’s Underlying values are the reason for its considerable manufacturing and commercial success. These values have been maintained by MESON’S for over 4 decades. Excellence, best engineering practice, entrepreneurship and a strong moral compass have been applied to the group over 2 generations who have been directly and practically involved in both day-to-day management and manufacturing.

Meson’s excel at one thing: Kitchens! Mesons imagine, conceive, design, trial, and manufacture kitchens tailored to different types of Clients and designers who have expressed their own specific needs and wants. We thrive on different and very demanding customers and look at them as a great opportunity to improve what we already deem as excellent, because we are passionate about kitchens and manufacturing them to the highest standard.  Meson’s have indeed associated with the most prestigious and vetted retailers, dealers, and design consultants, which will truly help you, plan and install your Meson’s kitchen to the closest measure possible, the way you want it, and for it to last for the many years to come