Dining Area Showroom

Bonaldo Octa table has been awarded within the furniture category the prestigious 2013 Good Design Award, an international design award which is assigned to the most innovative products in the year. Bonaldo have also been awarded for the Big Table a strong personality that is always in movement, as if it was walking. That’s how the Belgian designer Alain Gilles sees its creation, a project that in 2009 was awarded the Good Design Award. Whether immobile or moving, Big Table really does have an unusual personality. The personality of each object/product is enhanced by the surrounding environment, the atmosphere and style of the model photography. “Design a Porter” is the name of the campaign the most of all, it features the companies mission, strengthening the links between the world of design and fashion.

Porada have the most luxury collection of dining furniture Porada designer(s) have passion for creating the stylish dining tables and chairs.Everything comes from love for wood. The solid wood, worked with the craftsmanship of those who can turn a tree trunk into a small work of art.