Design process

Phase 1


Vivo Casa will develop a fully bespoke design strategy which will define the overall look and feel of the space and make sure that the layout works for the client's lifestyle and maximizes the functionality of the space.
  • Initial Meeting with the client
  • Site survey and discuss concepts and ideas
  • Reviewing and drawing up layouts

Phase 2


Vivo Casa develops the concept design and produces a package of drawings and specifications to show design intent. The design is tailored to the client's tastes, lifestyles, and personal style.
  • Floor plans, elevations
  • Specifying bathrooms and sanitary ware (if needed)
  • Finishing samples for each area
  • Specifying wall and floor finishes
  • Concept images to further illustrate design intent
  • Coordinating Kitchen, Lighting, Electrical, M&E, & AV consultants
  • Finalising concepts for upholstery & joinery

Phase 3


This is the stage where the Vivo Casa designs and costs all the furniture and furnishings for your scheme.

Vivo Casa will prepare a comprehensive detailed spread sheet for each room with images and specification including furniture finishes, fabrics and colour information. We will specify size, finishes, and fabrics where applicable, as well as costs.

Phase 4


This is the stage of the project when the Vivo Casa will ensure that the approved designs are implemented on site. The dedicated Vivo Casa project team will liaise with site contractors and consultants to ensure that the drawing and design concept envisaged by Vivo Casa and the client are executed accurately by the contractor. If a contractor is not needed Vivo Casa will attend the site with the team of professionals to go through the design and concepts to ensure everything will be executed accurately.

Phase 5


Vivo Casa constantly communicates and liaises with suppliers, produces detailed purchase orders, coordinates production dates, monitors production, ensures quality control, and coordinates timely deliveries and imports, right through to installation and dressing of the furniture on site.

Vivo Casa manages shipping of all your furniture and furnishings. Vivo Casa will be there to supervise all aspects of the installation and styling of your property, providing a bespoke turnkey service.