Day Area Showroom

Bonaldo Living, collection expresses modernity in progress, a path that gives value to the testing of new materials and the collaboration with major national and international designers.Besides seventy years of history, to create objects that becomes individual memory.

Sangaicomo is a company that produces programs modular furniture. Specialising TV media, display cabinets, study areas. Sangaicomo(s) modular system enables our designer(s) design concepts to our client(s) requirements.

Busnelli have produced high quality upholstered furniture for half a century now. A production that encountered design very early on, freeing itself from traditional forms to arrive at more modern lines; Busnelli contributed therefore to the birth and affirmation of the Italian design. Busnelli modular sofas allow the flexibility to design seating concepts for any size or shape roomgiving our clients the complete bespoke product.

Swan Italia has been producing sofas and upholstered armchairs of the highest quality since 1963.Swan Manufacturing methods always offer great comfort and relaxation. Indeed, it is this research into materials and finishes that has been its distinguishing characteristic. Swan was one of the first furniture companies in Italy to introduce cold expanded polyurethane and now, once again, it is in the vanguard when it comes to the modernity and reliability of its production techniques. Swan has been a recognised presence in the entire world's unmistakable stylistic profile.

Porada products are the result of the combination of technological processes of our time with the typical artisan tradition of Brianza. Qualitative excellence and experience in woodworking have given it a solid and well-defined that today finds expression in products elegant that help define a home landscape.

Terzani Luxury lighting is breath taking and with their mesmerising collection of lighting will be enough to make any living space come to live. Their most recent and highly celebrated collection, Terzani has taken the next step in its evolutionary process - building from its position as an industry leader to create an incubator for the future of lighting where Terzani can focus on new ideas and continue to redefine the way luxury lighting is made.